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 "Those who seek to comfort rather than speak plainly, reassure rather
than unvover deception, deny our greatness and sap our strength.Because
today as it was in the beginning it is truth makes us free".
                                                                 Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy 
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 (The climate warms Does in really and is the cause?) 
The climat the Planet goes awry and lower atmosphere warms, ice sheets, ice floes and ice caps polar circles vanish in pieces and ocean water expands, while the origin of the phenomena remains unclear and continues tobe debated. "Thisis the carbone dioxide produced by human activities is the cause", preclaimed one. "Wrong antrhpogenic CO² has nothing te do whit rising temperatures", replicate other. And contradictory discussion drags without us anywhere.
Warming climate is obviously related to the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gas emissions. And carbon  dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but its impact on the current climate change is not shown.
Geenhouse gas emissions are gases which each molecule is composed of at least three atoms of the same material or of different materials atoms. Thisis is the case of ozone, O3, consisting of three oxygen atoms, methane, H4, wit four hydrogen atoms, and carbone dioxide, CO2, a carbon atom and two atoms of oxygen.
Amosphere in there first greenhouse gas emissions "natural", the two man in terms of volume are water vapor and carbon dioxide. And if those are natural gas, it means they have not only natural sources but also compensatory crevices, just as natural that derive from the atmosphere enables them to maintain atmospheric concenttration to nearly stable while maintaining thermodinamic equilibrium of the Planet.
 The STEAM (c"is strange nobody talks vapor as a greenhouse gas yet atmospheric water vapor and clouds are 70 % of the total greenhouse effet), natural sources are evaporation from open water (oceans, lakes and rivers), tronspiration from plants, trees and forests, evapotranspiration wet surfaces, or the sublimation of ice. And process the remove water vapor from the atmosphere, they are called the formation of clouds and rain.
CARBON DIOXIDE, the natural sources volcanic eruptions, forests fires, undergrund fires, the respiration of plants, forests, animal and the human poplation (the breathing was a human produces more kilogram of CO2 per day, for the current population over two billion tons per year), and of the carbon stored in the soil is slowly rekeased into the atmosphere by the decomposition of plants and other organic wast. For what wel that is absorbed by atmospheric CO2 ave the oceans and photosynthesis. Precipitation and also bring with than the carbon dioxide is trapped in the soil and dissolves in water.
Followed other greenhouse gas emissions naturals:
The METHANE, after the organic fermentation under anaerobic conditions. It grows in flooded soils of rice paddies and biomass decomposition, as wel as in their natural channels. Methane traps heat 30 times more effectively than CO2. The atmosphere receives each year more than 800 millions tons, in terms greenhouse gases, the equivalent 27 billion tons of carbon dioxide.
OZONE stratosphere, generating by ultraviolet radiation by the Sun hitting the oxygen molecules, separating therm into two separate atoms that then combine wich oxygen to form a new molecule, ozone O3. This process continues is called the ozone-oxygen cycle. The atmoospheric ozone layer protects the Earth from uktraviolet rays, but also contributes to the greenhouse effect.
And finally, NITROUS OXIDE, a powerful greenhouse gas, 298 times more potent than CO2 and whose natural sources include oceans, livestook manure and soils fertilized with nitrogen synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture. 
Than there are he greenhouse gas emissions produced an released into the atmosphere by the activities developed by men, that will enhance the natural greenhose effect.
The STEAM, resulting mainly thermelecric, plants and some industrial complexes. But  what we see ot the chimneys in the form of white smoke is not steam, it's just water. Water vapor is a gas an it is not visible.
CARBONE DIOXIDE, released into the atmosphere by burning carbonaceous fuels and fuels, the deforestation, mining, oil and gas extraction, arson, urbanization and habitat. An estimated 130 millions tons daily amount of CO2 produce by the glbal economy.
METHANE, from heating and cooking with coal or wood, waste dumps, waste incinerators, the culture of rice, some industrie and increasing herds of ruminants. For a century the rate of methane in the atmoosphere has increased bay 150 %.
OZONE TRROPOSPHERIC, which develops in the troposphere by chemical reaction under the action of the Sun gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other polluants emitted by combustion engines, petrochemical, thermal power plants, cooking and heating with wood or coal and waste incinerators. Ozone in troposphere is 2 000 times more effective than CO2 at trapping heat's.
OXIDES OF NITROGEN, produced by the combustion of biofuels, diesel engines, cooking and heating with wood and coal, agriculture, industrie, thermal power plants using coal or oil, aircraft and especially ships ot heavy fuel consumption. Nitrogen oxides are 150 times more opaque to infrared radiation than CO2.
OXIDES OF SULPHUR,  resulting in veri nearly the same sources nitrogen oxides. As nitrogen oxides and whose calorific value is 250 times than higher carbon diooxide.
And other fluorinated gases from industrial sources, thousands of times more effective than CO2 absorb infrared emitted by the Earth, such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, trichlorofluoromethane and sulfur hexafluoride, which is the greenhouse gas most powerful existing on Earth. Its calorific value is 29 000 times greater than carbon dioxide and its lifetime in the atmosphere is nearly 3 000 years.
Siven the maze of greenhouse gases than surround the Earth, more clouds and multiple planetary phenomena and extra planets, which can interact on the global clmate or local temperatures in particular region of the Globe, there is no need to make great effort to conclude that the claim in the presence of a global dstrructive of the atmosphere, caused by the carbon dioxide from human activities is a bit ridiculous, not to mension an outrageous lie oriented in order to boost business and allow taking anything an what in the name "fight against global  warming". Is wanting to bring human dimension to the process in the vast extended atmospheric govern global climate, switch is in the field of ridiculous wanting to controle believe tha man has the ability to control the Earth climate system. As if the atmosphere was a huge space that would fill a little less or we wold render a little more, to restor the desired balance.
Whether the Earth in a period of warming is obvious. But tha atmospheric CO2 is the cause it is a lie. And this for several reasons:  the first is the carbon dioxide from human activities is only 1 to 1,5 % of the greenhouse effet, the second reason is tha the scale of Galaxy Earth has just comme out of an ice age an she is in the middle of an interglacial cycle. And increases in tempeeratues, acceleration of melting ice and thermal expansion of ocean waters are normal post-glaciation and may occur at any time during interglacial period, which runs normally ten to twenty thousnd years.and even by habitat in rural areas. Heat sources that dit not exist two Centuries and look clsely at it, wuold not be totally alien to global warming    -they might even the main cause.
Regarding the causes of the current climate, wha lever the finding of climatologists, we should not neglet the heat released in the troposphère transport (road, river, rail and air) and industrial facilities, power plants thermoelectric and nuclear. Temperatures or large cities evacuated population, villages and even hommes in rural areas. Heat sources that did not exist two Centuries ago. And look closely at it would not be totally unrelated to global warmig, they might even be the main cause. Sorry if the revelation of this undeniable bother many people!...
Melting ice surfaces tha we see today will continue until ice cycle is reversed, the volume of ice formed snowfall becomes greater to that of the molten glass in the summer, But then we into a new ice age will cuminate fenot be totally alien to glbalwarming  -w thousand years later. After covering a part of the northem hemisphere ice mountains thousands of feet high. Then the jacket ice will melt, sea levels will rise several tens of meters, the clmate warms and interglacial cycle over again
It's that simle!...  
                                                                                                                 J. L.
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