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A major problem that must addressed effectively during the first half of the century, is that of the human population. Because it is important and it is on of those on whch man has the ability to act, for better or for worse.
Every day 398 000 newboms are bom, against 165 000 deaths. This means that the world's population increases by 233 000 people every 24 hours. And if the differences between remain December 31, 2050 a little more than ten billion humans live on the Planet. Tha arise, no doubt, countless questions, begining with an overpopulation of the Earth.
Now a population of just over seven billion people, more than a billion survive sub-powered. The hundred million of them suffer from severe malnutrition. Each year some eight million mostly children, die of hunger. And tens of millions more die prematurely from iseases caused by a prolonged food shortage.
FIRST QUESTION: arable territories and oceans will tomorrow they produce enough food for ten billion people, the answer is yes, a  number conditions:
        1.-Agricultural land use in rational and non-aggressive, with a massive retourn to the land of smal farmers and ranchers. Cultivate the land in accordance with the periods of regeration of soils and crop roration. Let natural predators do their work and limit as much as possible, the use of harmful chimicals for souterranean fauna.
            2.-Culturing all untapped reserves land, especiially in Africa and Latin America.
         3.-Accelerate fruit and vegetables out of the ground, fed only by water drip when you add up all the essential nutrients. (Agricultural production must double in relatively shodt time and can not multiplied by two arable lande).
          4.-Growing massively spirulina, these bacteria shaped flament they are blue-green algae, which have a very high nutritional value because they are composed of proteins, trace elements, calcium and magnesium. Culture requires ten times less water and thirtly times less space than  cereals.. The yield per hectare of spirulina protein is forty times greater than tha ot pork, mutton or beef.
        5-Develop pre food prepared with insects, algae and plankton, which are very rich in proteins and will be tomorrow a factor in the fight against hunger in the world. The breeding of edible insects is easier and much less polluting than birds, for exemeple.
            6.-Launch Ambitions, driven an funded in part by the Westerm developed countries in Africa and Latin America to modernize farming, livestock and food, so as to lead gradually to feed their populations withont recourse to international assistance, which is costly, humiliating and ineffective. Westerm developed countries,especially in Europe, is moral duty and obligation, which arises from their colonial past, to grant an unerequited transfer of tecnology and know-how to underdeveloped countries once they are colonized and exploited.
          7.-Growing everywhere cereals, fruits and vegetables genetically modified, can grow even or poor soils in nutrients, and pesticides are frome requiring little watering (destroy GM com or prohibit the cultivation is not an answer to World hunger, This is a stupid and irresponsable act). During a press conference in 2007,former USA President Mr George Bush launched this appeal to european leaders: "On behalf of the people of african  Continent   of   growing   threast by the famine, I request to european Governments de not oppose the development of transgenic technology".
Alas, the US Président has not been heard. Europeans hare not yet under stood that without GMOs (genetical modified organisms) a vailable farmland can not produced enegouth to feed properly on nine ten billions humans. 
        8.-Establish an international management and distribution of drinkingt water acrooss the Continents. Starting pollute lakes and streams that have been poisoned. Because this water has become unsafe, is the only available more than 1,5 billion people. In many the leading cause of death. Yet there is enough groundewater aquifers in the basement of the Planet, to satisfy all the needs of industry, agricultural and domestic. In Latin America, inaddition to the Amazon (the world's most powerful river and is tribularys) straddles Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina, there is an underground lake, less than 600 meters, which can provide 200 liters of drinking water per day per person on Earth for two centuries. An other lke of the same size but a little deeper was recently discovered in Central Africa. And there are amny others in various places, including in the basement of the desert sand. Il on is  able to get oil two on three Kms under the ocean floor, it must also on there be able to pump water a few hundred meters. What they pump water a few hundred meters. What is already in the libyan desert, where they pump water 1.000 meters deep pipes for potable water coning a town of 1 200 Kms insted of pomping.
          9.-Pollupe the oceans, which have become the garbage collective humanity loes five Continents. And foremost the effectively protect all marine species whose stocks are collapsing and are threatened with exhaustion. By  prohibiting not only capture but also, and specially, the marketing of each species for periods long enough to allow the replamishment of stocks. 
         Beyond their role major  recyclers  and  drivers  of  the  distribution  of  energy throughoutPlanet
Soleil, regulators oceans circulation and producing oxygen, océans constitute the pantry of  all marine species, many  species  of  birds, and  to  a  large extent, tha of the human population. Territories aquatic bring men 50 % of the oxygen we breatle, and for two billion of them 20 % of animal protein they consume annually.
         10.-Investing maximum capacity in research on transgenic biotechnology which on cane not happen in the future, both in the food sector than in health. It is already possible to produce milk from goats modified by genetic anticoagulant essential for people with a deficiency of antithrombin, a desease brougth about clogged arteries and thrombosis. In various Laboratories around the Globe are working hard on the development of technologies that will produce artificial meat, with the some texture and taste as beef, pork or lamb. Hope of the utmost importannce for those can not afford to eat meat rarely, very rarely. 
SECONDE QUESTION: will we educate, housse and care for ten billions people, and certanly known diseases others we do not yet know?
      Theanswe is also yes, with on big exception. This exception is the lack of political will and determination on the part of those men and women who have responsabilities in managing the affairs of the Planet. They lock themselves in the armored shell ot the financial and economic ultraliberalism, which produce rich by exploiting the poor and depleting the advantage, if they persisting in wanting to impose on all people to believe and thinking the same thing and sbmit a single model of society, it is clear that we will not succeed.
        Certanly, modem means of comunication (throngh which on canknow almost in real time wath happens  aroud the Globe), the dynamysm, farming and motivation of new generations, will not long as we continue to manage the global economy by trampling the misery that has befallendaily on more than half of the World population. Bypassing, sometimes by being proud that 300 millions Americans and 500 millions Europeans can consume 80 % of the wealth produced each year, while more than one billion men, women and children are settle for a measly Sel Caterin per daq, rarely two,offen none. And two billion others live and work hard two dllars a day, just enough to by bread and a handful of black to buy instend of the mead they would grealy.
         Is should not be that difficult..., here to share with all humanity the food that men can produce in abundance.
         And il should not be too complicated either, cut 3 or 4 % 1,5 billion dollars annually engulfed in military spending to teed with 450 000 children die every 30 days with an empty stomach.
         Peraps it oppen to you one day. But that day, if it happens, we'll blushing tinking of the suffering tha was inflited centuries in the poor ans helpless.
THIRD QUESTION: In 10, 20 or 30 years will be able to provide everyone with an adequately paid sccure employment?
This time the answer is no. This is not because  tot production methods constantly modernized and every day more robotic, generate productivity rates as less then two thirds of the workin population wil be able to produce all the goods ans serrvices that humanity can consume.
         According to some international Organizations, the most serious of them WHO, there have in the World today 250 million unemployed. thei would rather 400 million, whatever. The problem is that it not thorough reform one productive infrastructure, creating a compensating device betwern the productive power of automation and the use labor in 2040, probably before the number of people  and those aged less than 50 years without work could exceed one billion. And if this were to be the case, no economy, it was as good, can not withstand the onslaught economic and social not fail to hit. Economic assault, because one way or another should do to live a billion unemplyed and their families. Social assaults, because mass demonstrations erup everywhere, that social peace is no lenger guaranteed nowhere and the risk of major conflicts become too large. Temptations to go with missiles and bombers last generation too.
What not to ge there? The question is particularity those now aged 20 Years. They have a lot of trouble finding the auswer. Or they wil find it a bit late. After realizing they are in a space that is not extensible. And must live it the resources arenot inexhaustible. 
                                                                                                                J. L.
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