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Objectively at the moment nobody able to prove that the CO² produced by human activity is the cause of undeniable warming of the Planet.

Those who tell us that anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the sole cause of global warming, tha CO² warms the atmospheric directly, genering a steep increase in humidity and cirrus clouds (such clouds in the stratosphere that retain heat very efficiently). Those are lying or willful ignorance. On of their most recent arguments is to say that"thisis so true that even the aurore borealis due to recent solar flares and magnetic storms do not occur in the usual places. And then?... What does in changes the polarity of the magnetic  field, or perhaps even renverse the poles, where the process could very well be already underway?

Magnetic field of the Earth is the defense aganist the Planet the solar wind, cosmic radiation and plasma flow generated by solar flares. Launched by the Sun through space in the solar system, the plumes of clouds charged particles of energy carry with them their own magnetic field. And that when the interplanetary magnetic field isaligned with the of Planet. The best known of these phenompena is magnetic reconnectionn. The magnetic field lines pointing in opposite directions break and reconnect with other magnetic field lines, leading their charge to the Earth's magnetosphere plasma, which becomes a colander and opens the door to ionized particles allowing them to reach Earth.

And after these so-caled conservationists who are ecologists, this would not exert any effect on the Earth's climate system. Only the CO² produced and sent into the atmosphere by humans, destabilize the equilibrium atmospheric and warm up the lower atmosphere dangerously! Righteousness like a little big, right?..

In general, the lie is often forgiven, but when environmentalists use it to assign responsabilities to man that he did not,that we be allowed they suggest that "mute" the becausebeyond here!...






In June 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico, at a conference on climate change, the engineer of Jonh Mendonza addresses causes of climate change, saving: "that global warming is attribued to the emission of carbon dioxide produced by human activities, are only to boost the business and justify the implementation of a mountain of taxes as profitable as easy to impose. The current atmospheric CO² concentration has no impact on the evolution of Earth's climate".

Indeedthe impact on the climate of the Planet of the current rate of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remains very limited. Because atmospheric CO² is cycled in which biochimical permanent hydrosphere (water); land surface vegetation, forest and soil organic matter, absorbe, convert nutrients and oxigen and store it in different ways, allowing its concentration in the lower atmosphere to remain nearly stable, while maintening the thermodynamic equilibrium of both sides of the Equator. In the oceans carbon dioxide is stored in the form of calcium carbonate (theshells of molluscs, for exemple) and planktonic biomass. Continents on CO² is mainly stored in the wood of trees and organic matter. And there are four storage tanks carbon dioxide: The hydrosphere (oceans, lakes and rivers). The biosphere (all species animal and vegetal existing land and water). The lithospere (the soils, vegetation, forest, especially rainforest, rocks, limestone and fossil fuels). And the atmosphere (the sphere of air).

Il are still a few tens of grams of CO² per tonne over the mass gas enveloped by the Planet in the vastness of air, which will be sufficient to saturate this natural carbone cycle and trigger on irreversible warming of the Planet.

Released gases in the troposphere by humans who cane potentially echange the greenhouse effect and contribute to the warm climate, those are nothing removed from the atmosphere and remain there until their destruction. Suche as methane, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides. And some gas from industry such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, trichlorofluoromethane, or surfur hexafluoride, which is the greehouse gas most powerful existing on Earth. Is gobal warming potential 29.000 times that of carbon dioxide. And its lifetime in the atmosphere is nearly three thousand years.

In addition most of these gases intereact with nitrogen molecules in the upper atmosphere, tend to reduce the thickness of the ozone layer that protects Earth from ultraviolet radiation from the Sune.







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