This time course, injuries have healed European economies, all the evils which they suffer are currently healing with effective drugs. And according to all economic and financial indicators, growth resumes at the beginning of 2014.

This is at least what we can deduce from these remarks days before the media by the Presidents of the Councils of Ministers Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. 

They must say that they have throughout the year 2013 to "try their hand" by raising some taxes and creating some extra fees here and there. And before the end of December 2013 there will be bailed out.

Whether gentlemen Chairmen shall well excuse me, but I find it a little too optimistic in their statements.'s State of  health of the Most economies in the euro zone is not so reassuring that.

Consider the exemple of six of these countries:

GREECE: unemployment rate, 26,8 %; public debt 189 % of GDP; budget deficit 2013, 6,7 % of GDP; negative economic growth in 2012 -6,2 % for the six the consecutive year. 

PORTUGAL: unemployement rate in 2012, 16,1 % of the labor force; public debt, 115,5 % of GDP; budget deficit for 2013, 6,8 % of GDP; economic growth in 2012, -3,4 %.

SPAIN: unemployment rate in 2012, 26,3 % of the workforce; public debt, 90,5 % GDP, the budget deficit for 2013, 6,3 % of GDP; economic growth in 2012, 0,5 %.

IRELAND: unemployment rate in 2012, 11, %; public debt 120 % of GDP; budget deficit for 2013, 7 % of GDP; econoic growth in 2012, 0,4 %.

ITALY: unemployment rate in 2012, 11,9 % of the labor force; public debt, 115,8 % of GDP; budget deficit for 2013, 4,9 % GDP, economic growth in 2012, 0,4 %.

FRANCE: unemployment 12 % of assets, public debt 90 % of GDP; budget deficit for 2013, 4,6 % of GDP; economic growth in 2012, 0,3 %.


Regarding Greece, Portugal and Ireland, financial obligations and domestic political requirements imposed by the IMF and the European Commission, their main creditors, hamper development in all economic sectors, accelerating the dynamics of unemployement and depleting the mass consumer. France, Italy and Spain, the austerity measures implemented by the Governments, resulting in nearly the same resulte.

Course, driv  en by the U.S. economy, the European economies will see some recovery in 2014. Production could increase significantly. But not produce enough not must still be abe to sell the production.

...And this is where the risk to complicate European consumers because the space was bled dry.  

Whether rule first debt problems, business costs and product quality and, above all, the purchasing power of consumers. For what is a sustained and sustainable growth we'll see!...

                                                                                                                          José Lino

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